Obama: We Can’t Play ‘Whac-A-Mole Wherever a Terrorist Group Appears’

On the surface this all sounds great until you take obama’s words and match them up with his actions. There is NO STRATEGY to kill terrorists. There are no surgical operations in place to stop the rise of ISIS, as a matter of fact they have grown 4-fold in the last 5 years! The strategy obama has in place now, criticized by many military experts, is a game of whack-a-mole. The airstrikes have been quite ineffective to stop the rise of radical islam. It’s clear to many he is doing minimum required to save face in public opinion, esp to the uninformed class. Obama is the guy in school, work or on a team who does just enough to pass, not get fired or kicked out.

Actions speak louder than words and obamas actions say he is not taking the threat islamic radicals pose on the US seriously. He wants to treat/ deal with them through a law enforcement approach. He doesn’t even want to call them islamic or muslim terrorists. Countless generals and military experts have clearly said if you refuse to ID your enemy you have already lost the battle/ war. If obama had his way he would treat islamic terrorists like petty criminals slap them on the wrist and set them free… oh wait he is doing that with all the monsters he has set loose from Gitmo!

Still stand by the theory obama and his regime are actively engaged in renaming islamic extremists to extremist to generalize them with all extremists esp his enemies i.e. YOU, TEA Party, conservatives etc. Then when the US gets hit again there will be public outcry “to do something”. With the regime associating iliac extremists as extremists it will open the door for a crackdown against ALL extremists not just the islamic ones. Time will tell if this theory is true… better hope I’m wrong!