Megyn Kelly Has Heated Exchange With Pentagon Spox

Adm Kirby did more dodging in this interview than any regime member to date. Kelly grilled him from every angle and you could practically see the regimes puppet strings coming out him! The most disturbing thing from this guy is his refusal to admit the taliban are terrorists (calling them an armed insurgency) and that we are at war with radical islam. All he is doing is continuing regime propaganda by telling a lie to the American people. This makes people question where Kirby and others in brass like him loyalty lays?! People will argue Kirby is doing his job, even though he is pushing bad policy, but he and others in brass must make a decision what is more important: their jobs or their country! (Don’t give me military code of conduct jazz, I’m sure somewhere in it is says don’t sell out your country!)

Americans have no faith in our leadership as it is and look to the military to have a spine watching our backs. What are we to conclude when we see an Admiral do everything he can to push this radical admins propaganda and make excuses for policies we know are going to get people killed? Clearly We the People have failed in making it clear these people work for us and many need to be reminded they swore an oath to God and Country not man and government!