Obama Takes Credit For Low Gas Prices and Improving Economy: You’re Welcome

Everything that comes out of the campaigner in chiefs mouth is a lie. Unemployment is still sky-high, Gallup’s CEO came out blasting the job reports that the unemployment rate isn’t 5.6% instead closer to 11%… but if you calculate the figure the old correct way it has been holding around 23%!

The deficit is out of control, heck he just presented a $3.99 TRILLION SPENDING budget! He may have cut the deficit under his watch but the deficit under his watch was higher to begin with. Here is the logic in simplest form to understand:

“Hey I spent $100 of money I didn’t have last year but good news this year I only spent $50 of money I don’t have!!”

Got it? That is exactly what he is doing when he brags about cutting the deficit. The guy never ran a lemonade stand, held a real job, ran a business with payroll to meet yet wants people to believe he is smarter than some of the best CEO’s in the country!

The drop in oil is geopolitical to hammer the Russians among many other factors he left out he that had nothing to do with, which btw will not last (as he slipped in an escape hatch when they do go back up).

This speech in general is going to be a speech like many he has given the dem-progressives will regret for the false sense of economic prosperity & recovery they have pushed on the US. We’re on our way to knowing what it felt like in the Weimar Republic but on a global scale, as the world is at a higher level of debt now than in 2007/08 before the crash! The US and many other nations have in fact been living in stealth depression, it is only a matter of time until everything blows up in our faces.

Go ask friends, family and co-workers if they have more money in their pocket and feel secure financially. Go ask people long-term unemployed, completely written off by this admin AND Congress, if they agree with these packs of lies! It’s not sunshine and rainbows folks, it’s all just an illusion the power elite have created while they fill their coffers before SHTF.