Mark Levin: Obama is ‘Building the Iranian – Islamo-Nazi Caliphate’

Obama’s cheap shot towards Christians at the 2015 Prayer Breakfast was his pathetic attempt to misdirect and deflect from his now clear support of islamic radicals and the dangerous regime ruling Iran. Like Mark Levin makes clear the Egyptians, Jordanians and Saudis are all looking at his majesty’s actions in disbelief. Meanwhile Yemen, who obama touted as a foreign policy success, is gone as islamo-nazis take control along with Iraq that has turned into a complete disaster after all the blood and treasure spilled. Everything obama does only empowers the Iranians and islamic radicals, he defends them at every which only aids in building the islamo-nazi caliphate!

Darth Hussein has destroyed US relations with just about every country in the middle east that the US had any solid footing with. Meanwhile mash-potato face John Kerry is wheeling and dealing with the Iranians if you call it that since he on obama’s behalf is agreeing with the majority of their demands! That entire region is on fire and is spreading globally as Glenn Beck warned years ago when everyone mocked him.

Obama has created an absolute foreign policy mess which has opened the door to islamo-nazis rising to power across the region with Iran in the shadows on its way to being a nuclear state. Only good thing about all of this is when SHTF officially the world will know who was to blame, there is no where for obama to hide on this, his fingerprints are all over it!