Obama Equates Christianity With ISIS: ‘People Committed Terrible Deeds in the Name of Christ’

This SOB has no shame and will do everything possible to defend radical islam. Were “terrible deeds committed in the name of Christ”? Yes, but that was 900 years ago with the First Crusade starting in 1095ad ending in the 13th Century(no I will not do a dissertation on the Crusades look them up yourself). No one is running around executing people in the name of Christ who does not submit to Christianity. No one has blown up markets, shot up schools or news/magazine offices for trashing the Bible or drawing “insulting” cartoons of Jesus or God!

Radicals have been killing people in the name of muhammad, allah and islam since the 7th century right up to the second that you are reading this! There is a huge difference between the Crusades and what radical islamists like ISIS are doing today. Obama knows this but he doesn’t care, he has to equate Christianity with islam and ISIS to protect them, but also trivialize and dismiss so as to treat them like any other extremist group. Warnings have been issued here time after time, there is a reason behind this and folks better hope the theory that he is doing it to go after his enemies after an attack on US soil is wrong.