Judge Napolitano: Obama Will Use FCC to Bypass Congress on Net Neutrality

Govt regulators have entirely too much power over this “free” society and market. The FCC, EPA, and all the other govt alphabet mafia organizations that shake down American corporations and people must be reined in. When major decisions are made at these agencies that will have a direct effect on commerce but more importantly people’s civil rights they should get Congressional approval. Some monsters that live among us don’t want to be Mayors, Senators, Representatives, Governors or even President, they want to be a Regulator because they go unchecked most of the time and have more impact than any elected individual or piece of legislation.

Net Neutrality will be bad for everyone regardless of the benefits proponents claim. It will leave the flow or rather control of information on the internet in the hands of govt. The internet is the last true example of freedom, you can do just about anything you want on the net from speaking your mind to making money. If the feds get their claws into the net and treat it as a utility a person’s ability to speak out or make a buck will be lost. Just as the feds control content on tv and radio they will have the same power on the net.

You melted the phone lines in DC when Boehner was up for re-election as Speaker putting fear into the GOP. It would be in every Americans best interest left or right, conservative or liberal, communist or capitalist to melt the phone & fax lines and crash their email servers making it clear to keep their dirty corrupt hands off the net!