ICE Dir Grilled Over Release of 30,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens Onto Our Streets

Sexual assault, murder, kidnapping, manslaughter, robbery you name it they’ve done it and DHS/ ICE has put these illegal alien monsters back on the streets of America. ICE likes to use the excuse that these monsters country of origin doesn’t want them back. So the US has to keep them and release them into our population! Put them on a plane or bus back to wherever they came from, force them off and leave! Raise your hand if you care that wherever these POS’s came from doesn’t want them back! Why should the American people be the victims and pay a price for the failed Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy over and over again?

To make matters worse, ICE is withholding the names of criminals they released so law enforcement, like Sheriff Babeu, cannot tie those who were set loose to criminals in their jails now!

Congress has no one to blame but themselves for failing to enforce our border laws. Instead they all join emperor obama claiming that the immigration system is broken, yea broken because they broke it! This nation is on a course to total self-destruction…