Obama NSC Advisor Says Climate Change and WMD’s Are Top Risks to National Security

Climate change is what we sane people call the weather. There is no climate change, global warming or whatever progressives will conjure up. It’s amazing years after climategate was exposed people still believe in this hoax perpetrated by one of the biggest con artists in US history Al Gore. According to him the ice caps should be gone as of now when in reality they have doubled! You do know the loons screaming global warming today are part of the same cabal 30-40 years ago who were ranting of another ice age coming!? Yea, since they have no clue they just say climate change and any warming or cooling effects are mans fault. As for all of this talk about reducing CO2 emissions it’s nothing more than bs since plant life thrives off of CO2 and we’re dead without it! By the way you do know the computer models used to make these insane predictions by changers do not take actual historical data into account? Said predictions made by people exposed years ago as a bunch of cons.

Still waiting for some leftist loon to explain how taxing and regulating companies out of business will cure their claims of high CO2 levels. Don’t hold your breath for any of them to explain how all the ice from the last ice age melted either; or how all that ice accumulated in the first place! Changers who now want to literally punish “deniers” have yet to address this big bright thing in the sky called the Sun! If the Sun’s temp goes up fractionally we will feel it and vice versa yet they never want to talk about that. The fact of the matter is the Earth has been going through constant changes for millennia, it is frankly arrogant to assume the way we are today we will be 10-100 years from now.

It was so nice for the regimes National Security Council advisor, Alice Hill, to also throw in concern for WMD’s with climate change, since half the world hates us she wanted to get that CYA slid in there! You changers should be more concerned about a dirtbag strolling across our open border with a biological weapon running through their blood stream or a terrorist state like Iran developing an EMP to set off over the US than the temp changing. The planet isn’t going to burn up from global warming or climate change but maybe from a nuke or two is highly probable!

ht CNS