Rush: Obama Plotting Revenge Against Israel

It’s pretty clear now Darth Hussein is plotting revenge against Israel and Netanyahu since his attempts to oust the free worlds NEW leader failed. He is as Rush put it “…being so petulant, like a spoiled rotten little kid he’s vowing not to protect Israel anymore…”. Rush is dead on saying we are in real danger with obama running to the UN to bypass Congress to undermine Israel. It shows he will do whatever he has to get his way regardless who is stepped on in the process. This should concern the hell out of everyone since everything obama does is to make his arab buddies happy from backing the two-state solution to wheeling and dealing with the Iranians who want us all dead!

Congress is completely at fault for letting things get this far ceding so much power to the imperial emperor. Countless people including yours truly have warned Congress was setting a dangerous precedent for never challenging obama with all his executive orders. Now we have him making what will probably be the worst deal in history with Iran on their nuke program. The same Iranians who have run mock assaults on US carriers and a day ago endorsed an EMP attack against the us! Obama isn’t just screwing Israel, he is setting the US up for an attack as well.