Obama: It’s Time for Mandatory Voting

Oh obama would just love it if voting was made mandatory and the process to vote made “easier”! This has nothing to do with counteracting money; the influence of big donors, lobbyists etc either. He admits this change would be “transformative” to the political map and he is right as it would. But we know what he really means by “transformative” aka fundamental transformation opening the door to one party rule for sure! That is why he wants the process made easier, so progressive agents can fulfill their civic duty of mandatory voting… they’ll just do it many times since process would be made easier!

No sorry king obama we the people like the voting system setup the way it is. We don’t want, need let alone asked you to plant the seeds in radicals heads to have it changed. America do you need any more examples of how much this man hates our system of govt and the Constitution? Obama is no doubt the slickest snake-oil salesman on the planet the way he slid this one, the race card and minorities in to justify it! God help us!!