Mark Levin: Obama Administration Reeks of Anti-Semitism

Mark Levin has obama dead to rights (as usual), rightfully so calling him Benito Mussolini since obama acts like a dictator with his pen and phone, trying to undermine the US Constitution at every opportunity and a failed attempt to sabotage Netanyahu’s re-election.

“…obama has more ability to work with dictators and genocidal types than he does with people who are elected democratically..”

It is an understatement to say obama has contempt for Benjamin Netanyahu. Every bullet point Levin goes through to support his charge that the obama administration reeks of anti-Semitism cannot be refuted. Obama has connections with some of the most radical people in the country, many who are anti-Semitic. His actions and those in his regime are not what a friend to the Jewish states engages in. What kind of ally throws another under the bus or to the wolves at every opportunity?

Obama couldn’t careless about the Israeli people. As he wheels and deals a nuke agreement with Iran (to secure some twisted legacy) there they are swearing to wipe Israel off the map and raise the islamic flag over the White House! Obama is by far the worst president in US history and he is taking the world down with him!