EPA Funding Study to Monitor and Limit Outdoor Grilling & Water We Use Showering

Ok let me say this as briefly as I can to this tyrannical intrusive govt on behalf of the majority of Americans..


How much more bulls*t do we have to endure from the power-hungry unelected elitists in DC? These people will take a study, like those in this Cavuto segment, and turn them into the one of the thousands of new regulations enacted each year. You do know America under obama there are over 21,000 regulations (76,000 pages) with more coming!? If you dig deep enough there probably isn’t a day that goes by we aren’t breaking some law.

How did we get here? The Founders went to war over 1, ONE tax now here we are with tens of thousands of regulations and so many taxes (not even the people who wrote them understand them) that govern every aspect of our life created by people you and I never put in office! Another Amendment to add to the list we need is one which does not allow regulatory agencies like the EPA to pass regs that will infringe on our rights, wages/income, pursuit of life, liberty and happiness! Anything even remotely close to infringing on our lives must be passed by Congress.

This country is completely out of control with power grabs from the ruling elite. Folks better wake up and get out of the funk they’re in…