Sen DICK Durbin: GOP Making Atty Gen Nominee Lynch Sit at Back of the Bus

Gee DICK Durbin pulled the race card today attacking the GOP for holding up Atty Gen nominee Loretta Lynch’s confirmation vote. Who didn’t see this coming?!

Sorry I must have missed all the racist innuendos coming from republicans during Lynch’s confirmation hearing, please libs provide that video for the world to see. While you’re at it produce all video, texts, tweets, facebook posts etc etc from the GOP citing they re holding her confirmation vote up because of the color of her skin! Last time I checked many are on record objecting to her confirmation for reasons from her being okay with drones being used against American citizens to the Senate flexing their political muscle on votes they need on other issues like funding amnesty to now an anti-human trafficking bill.

The democrats like DICK Durbin love to pull the race card because they know it works. Anytime they want something they call their opposition racists or suggest it since the majority of Americans are out of touch only responding to headlines. Hell people are going to do it with this post! They’ll see the title and post a reply without ever watching or listening to DICK! So when in doubt and you need to get things moving call someone or a group racist and watch how quickly things change. This is just more proof of the amount of damage obama and his ilk have done to this country where you cannot object to something or someone without being attacked called a racist, bigot or hater when all you’re doing is standing on principle!