Kelly File: If Hillary Clinton “Willfully Concealed These Emails” Then “She Cannot Be President”

Megyn Kelly seems to be the only one really going after Hillary from a legal standpoint while others take their political shots at her. Those rolling their eyes on this scandal using Hillary’s own words thinking “what difference does it make”, this is nothing to be trivialized. Clinton is continuing an above the law “I’m better than you all” attitude that comes from 99% of the scumbags and elitists in DC. When will it be enough for people to stand up and speak out against her and all the others who continually screw us?! One scandal after another and for some unknown reason people just keep taking it not realizing the precedent they create for these people to go even further. Being silent will also just lead to another electoral loss because the democrats are so mindless and loyal to the party they will vote for her no matter what. The GOP is incapable of producing a winner so doubting Clinton’s potential for winning in 2016 is beyond naive.

People need to stay on this as much as all the other scandals pushing facts that they are mostly committed by democrats! The dems are rotten to the core and cannot be allowed to let this witch cruise through to go on to running in 2016. Don’t get into arguments with the left on right leaning/ conservative talking points. Use the law and the facts, cite the abuses by govt that even moderate dems are upset about and they should turn on her as some in the crap media have done. The Clinton’s are not liked but tolerated, so if she can be exposed to the degree Kelly is suggesting that she “willfully concealed emails” and material under 18 US Code Section 2071 (B) she can’t be President and we don’t have to worry about an obama third term! So that boys and girls is why this matters!