Pastor Rafael Cruz: ‘We Are On The Brink of the Destruction of This Country’

Sen Ted Cruz’s father, Pastor Rafael Cruz, didn’t hold back thundering away on emperor obama warning we are on brink of destruction. Obama has set precedent with his lawless presidency remaining unchallenged by our do nothing Congress, ruling by decree as Cruz makes clear. This is why I will always address obama as emperor because I’m not the only person and many of you see it to. But how many times do so many different people have to use this description until the people wake up? The silent majority went right back to sleep after the 2014 midterm win.

It’s sad in one respect that only those who risked their lives to come to this country seem to know and care more about it than citizens. Yes there are plenty of Americans who know the Constitution and the danger we are in but we rarely hear from them. You see enough to throw some dirtbags out of office and then you go back to your “someone else will do something” life. It seems we only hear this kind of talk from a handful deemed right-wing extremists or LEGAL immigrants from communist countries like Pastor Cruz. All Americans fed up with status quo from DC should be speaking out like Pastor Cruz with no fear of what those in denial will say.

We are a year and a half out from the election but the choice is simple do you want 8 more years of the same old progressive agenda under a Clinton/ Bush admin or get this country back with a guy like Sen Ted Cruz who is hated by both parties?