Rep Gowdy: Benghazi Select ‘Committee Doesn’t Have the Power’ to Seize Hillary’s Email Server

Hillary Clinton is hiding God knows what on her private email server. Along with that she has conducted business on behalf of the country which is OUR property not to mention said information on the server is open to hackers which is a national security risk. The longer this server remains in her custody the less likely we will ever know what information is still on it or what has been deleted.

Pundits on the left and right all have a problem with this above the law attitude from Clinton who contradicted herself during her press conference following an interview she did a few weeks ago. She wants us to believe as Sec of State it was inconvenient to have 2 electronic devices to lug around but now in “civilian” life she has not only an iPhone but a Blackberry, iPad and iPad mini! We have the opportunity right now because both sides are upset to actually do something about this elitist so now is the time to strike.

If the public puts enormous pressure on Congress there should be no reason why the House won’t take whatever steps are necessary to give Trey Gowdy and his committee the power they need to seize Hillary’s email server. “In the name of national security” is always the excuse the govt uses to infringe on our rights and violate our privacy, well its time for them to do it to the Clinton’s.

In the name of national security we the people demand Hillary turn over the email server to the FBI, an inspector general or as Gowdy suggests a federal judge (a third party) for forensic examination. WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT personal emails to Chelsea, personal conversations or anything else that has nothing to do with the nations business. We want every single email sent or rec’d while Clinton was an employee of the American people.

Whether Hillary likes it or not she was OUR EMPLOYEE the emails, documents etc are the property of the American people. So please Americans melt the phone lines, crash the Capitols email servers or better yet (if you can) pay your elected leaders a visit and demand they do whatever they have to do to get OUR PROPERTY from this arrogant, self-absorbed, above the law elitist!