Hillary Clinton Was Against 2 Phones Before She Was For Them

Clinton told reporters today she only used one phone with one email account out of “convenience” as Secretary of State…

A position mind you where she had a entourage (small army if you will) of aides/ assistants to carry her junk if need be. But two weeks ago she said she had an iPhone and a Blackberry at the 2015 Lead On Watermark Silicon Valley Conference for Women!

This woman aside from the smirks and smiles during this staged press conference truly believes she is above the law. She thinks we should just take her word that she is being honest, truthful and transparent yet refuses to give anyone access to the email server. Clinton has a lot to hide and while we all rant and debate about it someone is clicking “Delete” right now the longer that server stays in her possession. She did govt work on this device which means it is property of the American people whether she likes it or not

I would suggest everyone reading this HAMMER Trey Gowdy’s office and other members of the House Oversight Committee to ask… demand Congress issue a warrant to seize the servers.
Gowdy doesn’t have the power to do it, the warrant has to be ordered by Congress. Why? This is a national security issue both sides of the aisle should be concerned about. If the Pentagon can be hacked do you really believe the Clinton’s had/ have better security!? Of course not Congress must #SeizetheServers

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Leftists is she really the best you have? It’s not her turn or anyone else to run for POTUS in 2016. It’s a time to get the best person for president.