Propaganda Minister Stumbles Trying to Defend Obama’s Comments on Clinton’s Email Scandal

Obama told CBS’s Bill Plante that he learned about Hillary using private email from the news. Now Propaganda Minister Josh Earnest expands on this saying obama and Clinton emailed each other but he wasn’t aware how Hillary’s email was setup. Mind you this is the guy who claims his admin is the most transparent and was to use official govt email. Why was Hillary given special treatment then to use a private server?

Its not just her deception in all of this but it’s also the national security risks she has put the nation in by caring more about covering her ass. These are not actions by a good people folks regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on. Clinton has a history of one scandal after another and we are expected to accept she will transparent by providing emails… AFTER her crew scrubbed the server.

Trey Gowdy nailed it when he pointed out that infamous pic of her on her Blackberry is part of a “gap of months” no email records were provided by Clinton to the Benghazi committee. How many emails from that trip alone have been wiped out? And yet people still stand by this monster to be the next president.