Mark Levin Goes Off on Dems Vowing to Protect “Fraud” John Boehner “Who Needs to Go”

Speaker Boehner is no conservative, no friend of the rule of law and couldn’t careless about the American people.
Mark Levin is right in several fronts:

Boehner is cutting backroom deals with the devil aka Nancy Pelosi
He has caved on amnesty
He gave them their monstrous trillion-dollar spending bill and debt ceiling increase…

Everything the democrats and obama want Boehner has made sure they got. So the question one has to ask is what do “they” have on Johnny? I’m sure the dirt they have on him is the same type of dirt “they” had on Chief Justice Roberts when he did a 180° on obamacare! The odds of a republican coup to oust Boehner were slim to begin with. There are far too many republicans with no spine that the odds a handful of rebels (conservatives) within the party could make a move to have him unseated was next to impossible. How do we know this as fact? In Jan they couldn’t even muster up enough votes to challenge him for the speakership.

Progressives protecting the head progressive in Congress is what this is and it shows Americans how corrupt the entire body is. Pelosi and the radicals in the House slipped up showing another card proving what we all knew that they are all in it for themselves. The people have no representation left in DC, it’s time to move on an Article V convention; the time for talking about it is over.