One Year Later Lt Gen McInerney Stands By His Theory and Warning of Missing Flt MH370

If MH370 crashed in the ocean how can it be for over a year not one piece of debris has been found or washed-up on a beach somewhere? Lt Gen Thomas McInerney for over a year has held his ground on his theory that flt MH370 was hijacked and flown north to either Pakistan or Iran.

Now before you roll your eyes listen again to how he explains the maneuvers and path this plane took from the data investigators have. Like the Gen says who would go through all this trouble twisting and turning to fly for another 7 hours and then ditch it in the ocean? It makes absolutely no sense and the fact nothing has ever been found not even a seat cushion from such a large aircraft is beyond impossible.

“Well maybe the pilots landed the plane on its belly safely and then it sank.” Sorry not buying the idea these guys pulled a Capt Sulley with a Boeing 777-200ER. Even if they did are we to believe not one person was able to get out if that were true?

No, sorry until the wreckage is found, which McInerney is hoping for, we have to treat this as potential threat. This plane can fly from Iran, Pakistan or Kazakhstan (the other theory suggested) to the US without stopping. Radical islam reaches worldwide, we have no idea who these pilots had contact with. If it wasn’t islamic radicals then it could have been state sponsored by Russia or another enemy of the US. Anything is possible which should scare the living daylights out of people the plane hasn’t been found! Give it a new paint job, load it with explosives(or worse), a good flight crew capable of flying fast and low enough at certain times to avoid radar and you have a deadly WMD.

Pray the next time we see this plane is when its wreckage is being pulled from the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

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