Lt Gen McInerney Says Sources Confirm His Theory MH370 is in Pakistan

“I got another source that reconfirmed it for me yesterday”
We should hope General McInerney and his sources are wrong because if he isn’t we are not going to like when MH370 shows up again! I rarely cover this story here and honestly my only interest is on national security. The General is highly respected and has been holding firm for well over a week on his theory that this plane was more than likely hijacked by terrorists, sitting on an airfield somewhere. People ask “what about the passengers”, “are they being held for ransom”? I doubt it…

The passengers were either killed in air via decompression (knocked unconscious and then oxygen was cut off at high attitude) or were disposed of when the plane touched ground. I’m sorry I know people don’t want to hear that but it’s the likely result if a hijacking scenario took place. Terrorists will not hold 240 people hostage. The logistics of it is not something they have ever demonstrated an even remote interest in doing. When was the last time you heard about terrorists holding that many people hostage for ransom? Terrorists are monsters who have no mercy on the infidel, do you really think they set up facilities to house 240 people, to feed them, bed them, provide restrooms(even a bucket or a hole in the ground) etc? Of course not, the most humane thing (not that they are capable of being humane) to do was the decompression scenario because if they lived to touch down it was probably a slaughter! Plus we would have heard from them by now making demands!

If the search off of Australia turns up nothing then all eyes should focus on the northern corridor that was suggested from the beginning. There are too many things that took place debunking pilot error, mechanical failure, a fire etc. The plane continued to send data for 7+ hours and that data points northwest toward Pakistan possibly Iran as the General has suggested multiple times now for over a week.

One would hope the CIA and NSA with all their technology they use on Americans will turn that tech they have high in the sky to start looking at Pakistan and Iran for possible airstrips MH370 could have landed on. I would hope the potential terror threat is why so many are covering this story. We would like to find wreckage and some people floating in rescue rafts but the facts say that didn’t happen. Remember Pakistan’s ISI more than likely KNEW Osama bin Laden was in Abbottabad and told us nothing. So they have a record of turning a blind eye when it comes to terrorism.

The longer this drags out the more I believe we have a major terror attack on its way! Pray for the passengers but also pray wreckage is found!