Regime Offering Free “Don’t Tread on My Obamacare” Sticker

Got this latest piece of propaganda being pushed by the imperial empire in my email the other day!


They will stop at nothing to push this crap law on Americans with claims of the millions who are benefitting. Really? Where are all the success stories? I have plenty of videos of news reports from local stations all around the US showing otherwise. Barackobamacare is hurting millions of Americans not helping. Sick people, victims of cancer are losing coverage or being stuck with bills they cannot pay no thanks to this destructive law. No one in this regime has EVER addressed the horror stories Dingy Reid claims are lies!

So now the regime is offering these bumper stickers to boost their facebook numbers. I guess they didn’t get the memo that facebook has pulled the plug on Fan Page content reaching followers News Feed!
To: Benjamin Martin
FREE STICKER: Don’t tread on my Obamacare

Friend —

We’ve been trying to come up with the perfect way to show how proud we are of Obamacare.

I think we’ve got a good idea — this bumper sticker:


We think it’s a message that should be sent far and wide, so we’re giving them away.

Just connect with us on Facebook, and we’ll send you a free Obamacare bumper sticker.

This is for everyone who’s tired of hearing the other side talk smack about the health care reform that is helping millions of Americans get affordable, quality care.

They’ve spent hundreds of millions to tear it down. We’ve worked hard to make sure they didn’t succeed.

If you’re like me, you’re pretty proud of that.

Wanna brag about it? Simply connect with OFA on Facebook today and tell us where to send your sticker:



Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action