Dem Rep: ‘Feels Like Open Season on Black Men in America’

Yes Hank Johnson is back making another ridiculous claim stoking the flames of racism. While Johnson runs through list of names of those killed by cops one has to wonder what about the cops killed in the line of duty he neglects to mention? Why didn’t he speak about police detective Terence Avery Green, Officer Robert Wilson III and Deputy US Marshal Josie Wells not to mention other officers who have been targeted as of late? Johnson also left out the names of all the victims of violent crimes too many to list here but we hear about them everyday.

How come there is no mention of all the other races killed by cops?

Consider this: if 65% of the population is blue and the majority of crimes, say 90%, being committed are by blue people is that racism? Is it racist to profile blue people in a community if the majority of crimes being committed are by blue people? Are cops racist for apprehending and getting into shootouts with blue people if they are the majority?

Progressives will not be happy until this nation is literally tearing itself apart from their meddling. That is the end goal and why they manipulate data to make things sound worse than they are. America has a race problem because those in power have created the divide between whites, blacks, hispanics, asian etc! Our problem is with each other it’s with the SOB’s in power.