DHS Sec Johnson Tells Senate Judiciary Committee: No Regrets on Executive Amnesty

Jeh Johnson took an oath to protect and defend the United States and the Constitution but here he is telling members of the Senate Judiciary committee he more or less doesn’t care. He supports obama’s lawless illegal executive amnesty which is a direct violation of the oath he took. Illegal aliens are in fact a threat to America economically and socially, but Johnson trivializes their existence. Let’s forget about the willful disrespect illegals have toward America for a moment. Johnson’s answer to Sen Cornyn shows he is not concerned about the vast number of unknown violent illegal alien criminals who have entered the US and remain in the shadows because they haven’t been caught committing a crime yet. He lumps these illegal alien criminals together with those who come here to work; illegals seeking work which in reality are stealing money and jobs from Americans. Johnson also has no problem with the tax cheats and those who are siphoning off the social entitlement system American taxpayers/ workers paid into either.

DHS Sec’s blessing of obama’s lawlessness is an indictment to breaking the law under 8 US Code Part VIII – General Penalty Provisions. Bringing in and harboring illegal aliens is a criminal act clearly spelled out in § 1324

8 U.S. Code § 1324 - Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

Why hasn’t anyone on this Senate Committee called him out or even gone as far as charging Johnson with a crime? Yes we have a broken immigration system… but it was broken by those in power. Worst off we have US Senators who clearly do not know the law to realize Johnson’s refusal to enforce immigration law is a crime in itself.

This is the problem with big govt America. There are so many laws these twits running the country don’t even realize which way is up!

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