France: US Caved on Iranian Nuke Framework Deal

During the imperial emperors speech yesterday he put Congress and pretty much all of America on notice (preemptive pointing finger of blame) that if the Iranian nuke deal fails it’s our fault. Yet almost immediately after the press briefing following the announcement of an agreement on the framework of a deal Iran came out saying America lied and the French have come out saying there is no deal! Obama and Kerry are playing games to look good to the world body, but think how insane this is when you have France coming out saying there’s nothing there! FRANCE!!

For the record there is no deal, the Iranians nuclear program will continue and that’s directly from their Foreign Minister after talks ended! A Marine, Christian Pastor and a few other Americans being held by the Iranian never mentioned either!! Iranian leadership smiling and people dancing in the streets should be a clear indicator how bad this deal will be if it goes through.


US reportedly backed down on initial goals in Iran talks
Fox News
U.S. negotiators reportedly lowered the bar for their own goals during talks over Iran’s nuclear program in response to resistance from the Tehran team. And, on the heels of a framework deal being announced in Switzerland, France’s top diplomat on Friday admitted his country had initially held out for firmer terms.

The emerging reports indicate the U.S. team, led by Secretary of State John Kerry, gradually backed down over the course of the talks as Iran’s delegation dug in. The Wall Street Journal, citing current and former U.S. representatives at the discussions, claimed the White House had initially hoped to persuade Iran to dismantle much of the country’s nuclear infrastructure when talks started in late 2013, only to be told categorically that Iran would not do so.

The Journal reported that one Iranian diplomat called the nuclear program “our moon shot,” comparing it to the U.S. space program in the 1960s as a symbol of national pride and advancement. From that point, the Journal reports, the U.S. accepted that any possible deal would likely enable Iran to continue to enrich some uranium to produce nuclear fuel and turned their focus to extending Iran’s so-called “breakout time” or the minimum period that Iran would need to build a nuclear weapon.

The framework of an agreement was announced Thursday after marathon talks in Switzerland that stretched two days past their original deadline…more