Obama Admin Bringing More Illegal Aliens From Central America to US on Taxpayers Dime

I warned you all illegals would be reclassified refugees and here it is! Of course we are just learning about this today on holiday break cannot even imagine how long it has been going on. That said, hammer the hell out of your Representative to pull funding from the State Dept and DHS. Oh wait the SOB’s funded DHS and obama’s amnesty so guess what America? You WILL FOOT THE BILL for more illegal alien children to be brought into the US! How does it feel to know your tax dollars will not only go to go to fly illegals into the US but to cover their education, food stamps, medical and living expenses! Obama continues to put illegal aliens ahead of the line over American citizens where they are sucking social service programs dry that were established for us when we fall on hard times.

Our unsustainable social entitlement system is going to bust wide open with the regime dumping millions of illegals onto our streets. We are already broke by over $18 trillion, there isn’t enough to go around for citizens who pay into the system. But what the hell lets give illegals a complete free ride at this point on a program no one even knows what it will cost! And for the 100 million Americans out of work consider this a big FU fro Barry with a big smirk on his face!

Why is DC allowing this? So the bastards can get votes and stay in power indefinitely!