Judge Pirro on Iran Nuke Deal: ‘When This Love Story Ends, Our Ex is Going to Have a Nuclear Bomb’

The Judge seems willing to give Darth Hussein the benefit of the doubt on the Iran nuke deal but we all know it will end bad. If we look at this on historical basis the boyking has never been honest on any of the promises he has made as Judge Jeanine points out. Benghazi, obamacare, IRS etc etc proves not only is obama a liar but all his deals end badly for everyone!

As for Iran we have absolutely nothing to base any level of trust on them following through. Fact of the matter is, the framework of this deal as of now leaves their nuclear program intact! Sure they’ll cut down on centrifuges and reduce operations on all known sites but this is a country who has many secret facilities. On the surface they may comply if they accept the deal as is come June but we all know they will be working overtime to enrich as much uranium as they can for weapons.

There was nothing announced about releasing Americans held captive nor the end of the Iranians developing ICBM’s. Answer this: why were Iranians dancing in the streets after the announcement was made?! This obama-Iran love story is going to make the world a very dangerous place, start an arms race in the most dangerous unstable region on the planet and frankly get a lot of people killed in the end!