Obama Doesn’t Want to Set Precedent With Iran Deal to Allow Congress to Vote on Treaties

Normally you would get some long commentary from STR responding to emperor obama’s decrees. This time I’m going to let the United States Constitution do my talking….

Article II Section 2
“… He [President] shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur;..”

That’s it kids, a one liner restricting the president’s power to make treaties. Any HS student can understand this so you would think one who is supposedly a Constitution “professor” would know it too. Obama does, he just has no respect for the rule of law and as I warned after the midterm elections; the Beast, obama, is fully unleashed!

This JERK knows he has to go through Congress, more specifically the Senate, to get a treaty approved with two-thirds vote in order for it to be legitimate. There is no precedent being set with allowing this Iranian nuke deal to be approved through Congress. All the blabbering he does in this interview is complete and total BS. Frankly what he is doing here is setting up a blame game that “the evil republican dominated Congress is stopping progress”. Two, he is in fact making this a deal a treaty by bringing it up where Senate approval is required. Next obama wants the uninformed class to believe he has power to make treaties without Congressional approval. He cannot do this is, and it is another example of how lawless this SOB has become!