Krauthammer: The Obama Admin’s Deal With Iran Has a Fundamental Problem

And what is that fundamental problem Krauthammer points out? The obama plan leaves the Iranian nuclear program completely intact. Under this insane plan the Iranians “can’t” make a bomb but all the infrastructure they need to make a bomb will remain. Not one facility or centrifuge will be destroyed. That means when the no-sunset/ sunset deal, John Kerry claims will be in place, ends in 10 years they can pick up where they left off and develop a bomb in 2-3 months! Why 2-3 months? We were told last week that is how close they are to having a bomb! This shouldn’t be surprising as they are right on time with all the warnings we have had over the years.

Pundits on both sides have been saying “within 5-7 years the Iranians will have enough enriched uranium to make a bomb”… well those warnings were over 10 years ago!!

Does anyone really believe the Iranians will gladly open their borders let alone facilities to investigators from IAEA? Also consider this, no one from the obama regime has said anything about secret facilities. There is no clause to deal with any secret facilities if they’re discovered after this plan is agreed on and enacted. This plan only addresses those facilities we know about. The Fordow facility, for example, was a secret facility but was outed, how many more like it exist!?

Put it this way if the Iranians agree to this plan in June, without much resistance, it’s because they are going into this deal with their fingers crossed behind their backs via secret facilities. Obama’s legacy will be a much more dangerous world with the middle east in a new arms race and if we’re lucky no one will be glowing in the dark!