Obama Criticizes Christians At Easter Prayer Breakfast

If that quick shot wasn’t enough emperor obama had nothing to say about the Christian Kenyans slaughtered either! How can this man claim to be a Christian, but then criticizes Christianity and not even talk about the murder of 140+ innocent people!? Simple he like many in DC have selective religious beliefs. They pick and choose what parts they like and then ignore the rest. Nancy Pelosi is perfect example of this hypocrisy. She claims to be a staunch Catholic yet supports abortion!

As for his majesty not mentioning the slaughter of 140+ Christian college students, the reason is obvious. Obama time and again has come to the defense of of islam. His silence on last weeks attack right before Easter by islamic radicals proves whose side he is on where everything else he does and says is just window dressing. For decades following WW2 people all around the world promised “never again” to the genocide of people but it’s happening everyday against Christians. Who wants to bet if middle eastern Christians were on the offensive slaughtering muslims there would be outcry by obama and other world leaders who pander to islam!?