Obama’s Communist Mentor Admits Lying to the FBI

The apple definitely did not fall far from the tree did it?! Obama has mastered the art of lying to the nation just as his mentor Frank Marshall Davis did to the FBI. Davis tells the interviewer that he would lie to the FBI about some militants being good people who are in favor of the Constitution, sounds a lot like obama saying ISIS is not islam or the other bucket load of lies he has told.

I’m sure the progressives (aka patient communists) will come along to defend Davis and try to trivialize obama’s connections to him even though we have him on video in 1995 admitting it. Prior to, all we heard were references to “Frank” from little barry’s “Dreams of My Father” book. The truth will always surface no matter how hard progs try to bury it. Makes you wonder what else is out there, especially with the 2003 video of obama and Rashid Khalidi the LA Times is sitting on…

ht Progressives Today