New Evidence Shows WH Knew Bergdahl Deserted in 2009

The obama regime again exposed for lying to the country knowing Bowe Bergdahl deserted in 2009. Countless regime members got in front of cameras lied to the country (just as they did with Benghazi, obamacare etc) praising Bergdahl as some kind of hero/ patriot. The fact that American soldiers died looking for this piece of garbage who deserted and couldn’t careless about this country completely dismissed by this admin. I highly doubt Adm Mullen didn’t tell obama about the desertion, he had nothing to lose or gain by not.

It’s pretty clear now obama is just looking for excuses to empty out Gitmo and couldn’t careless the danger his agenda puts this country in. Think about it they knew Bergdahl deserted and went ahead with the prisoner swap letting 5 certified monsters loose because obama wants to shut Gitmo down. It’s just a matter of time until Americans and some of our allies fall victim at the hands of the obama-Taliban 5. Will anyone hold emperor obama responsible? No. Getting old asking that question because no one is held accountable for anything in DC. The entire US govt is rotten to the core and those charged to protect and defend in top brass care more about their retirement than upholding the oath they took.