ISIS is Here

Judicial Watches Director of Research and Investigation Chris Farrell reports on the activity taking place right across the US-Mexican border. The same border obama says is secure and went as far as mocking republicans in 2011 for wanting alligators and a moat!

– ISIS has armed scouts set up in the Mexican mountains to coordinate running personnel and equipment across the border into the US right now.
– Plans of Ft Bliss (home of 1st Armor Division) were found in Arabic and Urdu, along with White Sands Missile Range, govt facilities, universities and electrical power facilities (perfect soft targets)

This border activity is not isolated to just TX, ISIS is also engaged in smuggling into New Mexico. With obama and Congress doing absolutely nothing about the border it is safe to assume terrorist infiltrators are coming across the border as freely as women and children with the help of cartels and coyotes.

Now keep in mind Farrell received this information late April 10th but how long ISIS has been active at the border is unknown. I stated a while ago and will reiterate here, the attack on the San Jose power station (a “low-tech” attack) was a test run by ISIS. They were completely off everyones radar at the time but Farrell states in this clip power stations are one of the known targets now. All one has to do is put one and one together to make the connection and to this day NO ONE has claimed responsibility for that attack.

We are going to get hit again because NO ONE in DC is taking the border situation seriously. ISIS is here, it’s just a matter of time until they launch a coordinated, wide-scale, “low-tech” attack.

If you’re expecting to see planes being slammed into buildings, vehicles loaded with explosives for a suicide run or bombings odds are it won’t happen. An attack (low-tech) on a well populated target like a mall, university (we just saw one) or some other Gun Free Zone is more than likely preceded or followed with an attack on our power grid like San Jose or the other way around. “Low-tech” style attacks are more effective psychologically with higher body counts that one massive attack. The nation will be so caught up with an initial attack no one will even consider a main strike coming! If you haven’t seen The Kingdom I highly recommend you watch it, the terror attack I’m suggesting here is the same difference as one in that movie. Remember all it took were a few well targeted shots to shut the San Jose power station down! Imagine what a few ISIS terror cells could accomplish in a day or two here.