Trey Gowdy Grills DEA Chief: If You Can’t Fire Agents For Prostitution ‘What the Hell Do You Get to Do’

Has anyone noticed a pattern in the govt since obama took power? The DEA, Secret Service etc all seem to have a problem keeping it in their pants among being engaged in other acts of misconduct. Aside from agents being engaged in high risk behavior they are creating a major national security risk.

Think about it for a minute since underage sex workers is being addressed here. If agents undercover are secretly filmed because after all they are American businessmen or what have you why wouldn’t cartels operating prostitution rings not record “Johns”? You never know when it may come in handy one day to blackmail someone with some scandalous video. Take it up a notch if agents identities are exposed cartel members could pressure them for top-secret information!

Sure maybe this happened under Bush and other presidents but this behavior among agents in various agencies including the Secret Service has gotten out of control since obama came to office. These agencies have become lax, irresponsible acting above the law because they learn by the example his majesty has set! Also you should know the cartels, under investigation by the DEA, are actively working with terrorist organizations from Hamas, Hezbollah to ISIS. Where do you think they have learned to fight and mutilate people!? This situation with the DEA is extremely dangerous to the US and this agency like the others is completely corrupt. Nothing will change though because of the power structure. This nation is completely ablaze at this point.