Sheriff Clarke to Obama: ‘Damn Right’ We Cling to Our ‘Guns and Religion

This was a great speech by Sheriff David Clarke at NRA Annual Meeting putting the left on notice Americans will not stand by and allow the anti-Second Amendment movement take away our God-given rights.

Clarke took a victory lap after defeating Bloomberg’s anti-gun political attacks and then called out obama on his “bitter clingers” charge against conservative saying “damn right we do Mr. President and don’t you forget it”. Knowing the media would get their panties in a wad for saying that he took shots at the liberal media letting them know they will not tell him what he can and cannot say.

The Sheriff has faced the left first hand and knows how close we have come to losing our gun rights. He warned we have to be alert and doubly prepared to respond to the “tyrants who are well-organized well-funded and have a never-say-die attitude” to take our Second Amendment rights away. This warning really applies to all of our rights because progressives (R’s & D’s) will not be happy until they have total control over this nation.