Judge Pirro Savages Clinton: She is Only Out For Herself

While the crap media praises Hillary Clinton on the eve of her officially announcing her run for President, Judge Pirro took her to task over her past defending rapists and pedophiles.

What kind of lawyer gloats and laughs about gaming the system while apparently violating attorney-client privilege? What kind of person, who wants to be President, will smear a 12-year-old child victim of rape to saying “what difference does it make” after four Americans are killed under their watch?! Clinton has countless skeletons in her closet and is no leader. She has done absolutely nothing but manipulate her way up the ladder all because she is a woman. Hillary is as bad if not worse than obama, in being the person who does the least amount of work but is first in line to get credit for the promotion. Clinton has demonstrated time and again she is only out for herself. Look at the email scandal, that happened not out of convenience but because she wants to control the flow of information and not be subjected to the rules everyone else has to follow. Like clockwork when it was time to produce materials they’re gone and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Do we really want this monster running the country?

Anyone you know who supports this hardcore “early 20th century” progressive needs to be challenged to list her accomplishments. I guarantee you they won’t be able to do it. The US Presidency is not something that goes to this monster because her husband was POTUS, she speaks out for women’s rights, is great at rising money from foreign donors or solely because she is a woman. Listen to dem strategist Doug Schoen he can’t list one legitimate thing this witch has done!

There isn’t one piece of legislation or foreign policy success under Hillary’s belt. Have you read or paid attention to the news? The world is on fire no thanks to Hillary helping obama push destructive foreign policy which has been the equivalent to pouring gasoline and lighting the middle east on fire!

Americans in general will agree we would like to see a female president but Hillary Clinton should not be the one to make history.