100 Million Americans Out of Work: Media Praises Unemployment Dropping to Lowest Since 2008

Work or RiotThe crap media doesn’t miss a beat! The propagandists touch on cooked govt employment numbers while focusing on wage equality as a distraction from the disastrous state of our economy. Wage growth is so poor because the economy remains to flatline. In all of these reports they all conveniently LEFT OUT THE RECORD 93 MILLION AMERICANS OUT OF WORK. So of course the unemployment rate dropped because they are not counting all the people who have left the workforce and given up looking for a job. When you couple that with those on the books unemployed and record millions on disability, because UE benefits ran out, there are well over 100 MILLION Americans out of work! The real UE rate calculated the old correct way is and has been holding at 23%…

Let’s be honest most of the jobs being filled are part-time jobs since so many companies have had to cut back over high taxes, regs and of course obamacare!

GDP is pitiful, consumer debt remains high, Americans continue to live paycheck to paycheck, student debt topping over $1.2 trillion is a bubble on the verge of bursting and the media wants to focus on wage equality! The DOW is at all times high only because the Fed has pumped billions in printed money into the system. All the jobs Americans should be filling have been outsourced over seas, we make nothing here and have become a service oriented society. Most jobs being filled are service related, many of which we see people protesting demanding higher wages! When American was a manufacturing juggernaut everyone who wanted a job had one!

There has been no economic recovery America. We never came out of it and remain as I have argued now for years in a stealth depression.