Judge Pirro Unloads on the Media Over Free Speech & Political Correctness After TX Attack

The First Amendment was created to protect all types of speech including the most offensive and insulting. For whatever reason progressives (left and right) think it only applies for those things they approve of thus the attacks against Pamela Geller instead of focusing on the fact terrorists tried to attack Americans. Geller’s cartoon contest did not incite or cause the two terrorists to strike. They already hated us and were just looking for an event to unleash that hate on innocent, defenseless people. Proof of this was the strike on 9/11 as the Judge points out. No one was drawing pics of muhammad on 9/10 or the weeks and months prior! Thankfully the two armed with AK-47’s looking to kill Americans were stopped by one cop with his service pistol! (It is reported the officer is an NRA instructor, so chalk another one up for the NRA)

Freedom of Speech Under AttackTerrorists are in America right now and the idea that we all should be silent, aka Sharia compliant, so we don’t offend them is purely insane. The hate they have for America didn’t just start in the last 10-20 years or because of America’s support for the Shah in the 1950′. This war between radical islam and American has been going on since the 18th century! They hate our freedom and influence around the world and want it stopped under a global caliphate.

Geller should be praised for putting light on how strong of a reach islam is having on us already. When did we go from blaming the criminal to blaming the victim? That of course is another example of how out of control political correctness has become. Sharia is here if the pacifists, media and our leadership is going to consider silencing free speech. Pirro is 100% correct there is already talk and ideas floating around DC by the elites to silence our free speech. The SOB’s have been looking for every excuse possible to shut us up! Someone will make the argument that offending islam is the same as shouting fire in a theater. Legislation will of course follow being inclusive for all religions to have the appearance it wasn’t created to protect islam. If this happens it will be another signal of the soft tyranny we are living under.