Economist & Author of “The Death of Money” Confirms ‘We Are in a Depression’

James Rickard US in a DepressionFinally an economist who tells the truth! James Rickards is no conspiracy nut or basement blogger, he is a portfolio manager at the West Shore Group, an advisor to the Department of Defense and US intelligence community on international economics and financial threats and he participated in the first financial war game held at the Pentagon. Rickards appeared on the Glenn Beck Radio Show May 1st to break down the inevitable economic collapse we are headed for. As you know STR has been arguing for years the US is not in a recovery, never came out of it and has been in a stealth depression. While going over options to avoid economic catastrophe (that just won’t happen because of the power elite) Rickards flat-out confirmed everything I have been saying and that ‘we are in a depression’.

So what?

Well this is just another confirmation of my theories on the state of our economy and the lies being shoveled to the American people on a daily basis.

Many economists have warned when SHTF it will not be anything like the 1930’s… it will be much worse! Look at the panic when major storms hit (snow, tornadoes, hurricanes), where store shelves are emptied. If we go to the extreme remember back during Katrina where people had signs asking for help because they were so unprepared. Natural events be it storms, tsunamis or earthquakes have given us plenty of red flags that food, water, fuel, medical aid etc will not be available. In general people should have some preps because anything can happen.

This confirmation should be an alert to Americans to hope for the best but more importantly plan for the worst. Does that mean you clean out your bank account build a bunker, loading it up with survival food and gear? No, but it doesn’t mean not to make preparations. In other words be more careful on what you buy and make sure it’s what you need and things of quality. Buy an extra can of soup or bottle of water when they are on sale. If you can afford to buy food storage for 3 or 6+ mos then make it happen. Yes, buy a gun (if you don’t own one already) get proper instruction and extra ammo because when SHTF the cops will not be there when you need them. Progs don’t like this kind of advice but they are the same ones who live in their ivory towers surrounded by a large walls/ fences and have armed security!

Consider James Rickards “testimony” and this post one more warning to the countless ones you have heard that trouble is coming. When? No one knows but isn’t it better to be prepared than not?