Ann Coulter: Michelle Obama ‘is Letting Out Her Rev Wright’

Ann Coulter Michelle Obama Letting Out Inner Rev WrightAnn Coulter nailed it, michelle obama was most definitely letting out her inner Rev Wright during her commencement speech at Tuskegee University. The obama’s can play dumb all they want that they never saw that dark side of Rev Wright but we know better and it’s times like these that they show their true persona.

Ya know people question what religion obama is affiliated with where many point to islam but as I wrote a few years ago he (they) is devout follower of Black Liberation Theology. Interesting timing to bring up Wright and Liberation Theology because a former Soviet spy has come out saying “they” created Liberation Theology! Makes sense now doesn’t it? The Communists conjured it up and obama with solid ties to communists is putting it to work.

Blacks account for 11% of the US population. Obama won both his elections with over 50%, meaning whites had to vote for him. So how is it the nation is racist if we put this family into the White House twice?! The obama’s are working the race card because they know it works. People just react the moment they hear someone is racist or the people they look up to and admire claim to be victims of racism. Thanks to these two and their minions race relations has been set back 40 years. I find it amusing that michelle whines but left out all the opportunities she had. How did she get so far in life if she was a victim of racism and discrimination!? This all boils down that all they want to do is create divide and chaos. The dem predators, as Coulter identifies them, capitalize off all this race baiting and it keeps them in power ruling over all of us.

No matter what the issue it always comes down to the dems manipulating people through class warfare and race to have power and control. The cycle has to end but I don’t think this nation has it in it to make that change. You have become too complacent with status quo, maybe some day III% will rise….