Emails Reveal Clinton Knew About Weapons Being Shipped From Libya to Syria

We are learning new things every week about how corrupt Hillary Clinton and this govt is on the emails we do have. Can you just imagine the amount of incriminating evidence this witch deleted!?

What is even worse and more disturbing about Clinton’s emailgate is the number of Americans who stand by her. From the avg buffoon on the street to celebrities and media personalities these people remain loyal to Clinton. Many Americans are demonstrating they have no shame anymore no thanks to the brainwashing or indoctrination the left has been actively engaged in; aka institutionalized evil. Cheat, steal, screw people over delete incriminating evidence and do whatever you have to do to get what’s yours are all examples of institutionalized evil.

Well it’s not news that the US was engaged in running guns from Libya to Syria (Fast and Furious the middle east edition), why else was Amb Stevens and company in Benghazi. What is “news worthy” is the emails we do have from Hillary show a clear attempt to hide her tracks of aiding and abetting our enemies while enriching herself and family! Am I suggesting treason? Yep! Those weapons that went to Syria did not end up in the hands of angels. The weapons ended up in the hands of terrorists from al Qaeda to ISIS… enemies of America and I think we could muster up the two witnesses we need for formal charges. Again this isn’t news, but confirmations of what has been said on this site since 2012! Will anyone in DC do anything about it? Nope, because NO ONE cares. Like I’ve said here many times we’re on our own, politicians only look at for themselves and how to increase their net worth.

This is a very dangerous path we are on that there are no more exits to get off. Prepare for the worst hope for the best, but there’s no doubt we’re headed through that dark tunnel.