Pamela Geller Schools Juan Williams AGAIN Over Free Speech and Wanting to Enforce Sharia Law

Juan Williams just doesn’t know when to stop when it comes to arguing with Pamela Geller about radical islam. Once again Geller puts this progressive islamic appeaser in his place over our right to free speech. Geller nailed it when she asked Williams, who found the segment laughable, “whats next” if her ads with the winning drawing are censored. Williams is so blinded by his own fear he cannot see the silence he wants on Geller or anyone who goes against radical islam is in fact surrender to the jihadists and enforcement of sharia law! There is nothing inciting about the winning drawing from her Draw Muhammad contest is not insightful and actually is the truth.

The only ones who are offended or incited by these stupid drawings are the blood thirsty killers and monsters, like cleric Anjem Choudary, who want a global caliphate with everyone living under sharia. There is no middle ground with these monsters they will kill you for talking down about their “god”.

Those who attack Geller and her free speech rights have no clue the win they’re giving to radical islam. Dopes like Williams aren’t helping or sparing us from violence they’re in fact emboldening the killers to do more because they show people are prepared to give in to the religion of peace submission!

(Side note: getting sick and tired of progs laughing it up on air during serious debates, everything is joke to them…)