Pamela Geller Puts Juan Williams in His Place For “Enforcing Sharia Law”

Well last night Pamela Geller hammered away Anjem Choudary and tonight she put prog Juan Williams in his place. Geller Williams Hannity

Williams joins a huge list of Americans who wants Geller and those of like minds to be silenced. Maybe its harsh to label all these bobble-heads as muslim sympathizers and anti-American but how else would you describe them? This is America, freedom of speech no matter how offensive is at our very core. This controversy is not about a bunch of stupid cartoons but ones right to express themselves without fearing for their lives. We cannot allow those in the media and positions of influence telling Americans to be quiet, or there is a better way to deal with the savages “just don’t say anything mean about them”. Anyone who is calling for silence wants to appease our enemies out of fear and that equates to a victory for the death cult. Those calling for critics of radical islam to be silent are more or less offering cover and aid to guys like Anjem Choudary! Radical islamists are enjoying every minute of this fight on free speech waiting for people in this country to take a step back as they take two steps forward.

We really have to thank Geller on two fronts:
1) For standing up for our First Amendment Rights and not backing down to the death cult or her critics.
2) The response from her draw Muhammad contest made a lot of right leaning, even supposed conservatives show their true colors on where they stand on our freedom. Many on Fox are in fact calling for people to be silent so as not to offend islam… that ladies and gents is also called being Sharia compliant!

What this is aside from people being Sharia compliant is another example of political correctness completely out of control. Critics pushing the PC angle cannot seem to understand islamists are not going to stop if we just talk nice to them. The death cult hates everything about America and our influence around the world. These monsters aren’t going to just give us a bloody lip they’re going to send us to the morgue regardless if we remain silent or not!