Lynch Announces DOJ to Investigate Baltimore PD for Constitutional & Civil Rights Violations

Gee what a huge surprise Eric Holder 2.0 is going to investigate the Baltimore police dept! How is that going to work since so many holes have already been pointed out in the investigation? Take note boys and girls not one mention of those who rioted, looted and tried to burn the city down. Oh and lets not forget Mayor Rawlings-Blake who gave her blessing for the rioters to have a space to destroy, who then denied saying that regardless we all heard it blaming the media and also ordered law enforcement to stand down! No, not one mention of her incompetence and meddling… nothing to see there just move along while the police are put under the microscope.

A real Attorney General would investigate all players in what happened in Baltimore not just the police. Lynch’s announcement is political, it’s not an act of finding justice for Constitutional and civil rights violations. If this were true Lynch would have included the victims of the looting, rioting and arson! What you have here is Lynch continuing obama’s radical divisive agenda. Obama has a track record of keeping his promises and there is one big one left that involves federalizing the police. These high-profile police cases are the ingredients he needs to deliver on his 2008 campaign promise…

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What is unfolding right now with the police across the country from them being scrutinized by this regime to their militarization is all by design. Eric Holder got the ball rolling and now Lynch is in place to see it through. Maybe it won’t be completed by the time obama’s term is over but the path has been set it’s just a matter of time.