Fmr Black Panther Head: ‘Some People Need To Get Hurt’

Pamela Geller is getting hell for holding a draw muhammad contest which is really a First Amendment issue, yet Malik Shabazz can go on the radio and say people deserve to get hurt!? Where are the critics to condemn Shabazz for the language he uses(now and in the past)? This guy being an attorney is very slick when he speaks btw, he takes things right to the edge and then throws in a word or phrase to cover his ass. Yea sure “some people need to get hurt”, but he stops short of condoning violence. Shabazz does this because he is engaged in political activism running Black Lawyers for Justice trying to give the impression he’s reputable. Frankly what he did was take a page from Putin; he took the uniform off and put a suit on but he is still as dangerous as he was when he was running the New Black PUSSY Cats.

Am I calling for Malik to be silenced like those who call for Gellers? No! Let him run his mouth so the world can see and hear how militant racists talk. I am just pointing out the hypocrisy of the crap media who will gladly attack anyone on the right for speaking their mind. When radicals islamists, anarchists or in this case a racist runs his mouth the media stays silent out of fear. This ignorance only emboldens radicals like Malik to the death cult who wants us all dead. Between the media giving carte blanche to radicals and our leadership being completely impotent time is quickly running out for our freedom and whats left of our way of life.

If people don’t start speaking up like Geller and getting leadership under control America will not survive this multi-front assault.

Props to anyone who can tolerate the entire 35 minute segment with closet commie Alan Colmes. Normally I would do it but a double whammy from a certified racist and commie is too much for me. After listening to a few minutes of Shabazz I need to go watch Jesus of Nazareth (the original miniseries for those wondering) or something!