Fed Appeals Court Refuses to Lift Hold On Obama’s Executive Amnesty

The regime will appeal obamnesty to every single court until one decides in his majesty’s favor. Why do you think obama has been stacking the courts with radical judges?! One way or another the dem party will get their new pool of uninformed, uneducated, dependent, entitlement voters.

No, executive amnesty will not give illegals voting rights now but it is the first step to that. Once illegals are here and more provisions are made for them it will be a matter of time until dems pull “these are people who are being treated like half a person”. Yes the whole human rights angle will come into play eventually so all illegals will not only get legal status but voting rights.

Illegals bring nothing of value to America. Those rushing the border are not the best and brightest we welcome in under legal immigration. The people flooding the wide open border are leeches and welfare seekers. A mother with an 8th grade education who has 3 kids all under the age of 10 has nothing to offer America’s economy or national security. Both of these things have been highlighted in many obama and dem speeches as to why we must let them in. Dems.. progressives couldn’t careless about the people coming here it is and will always be about money power and control.