Mark Levin: Progressive Government Policies Created Ghettos

Even though we know progressive govt policies created the ghettos of today, dems/ progs have managed to put the blame on the plight of black Americans on the backs of republicans. They have managed to convince black Americans everything is whitey’s fault when they are in fact the reason why we have still have ghettos in America.

The language and messaging have got to change to inform and educate those in inner cities/ towns who are being used by their dem/ prog handlers. As I’ve pointed out many times people in Chicago are waking up but that is not enough. We need to see citizens tell the race hustlers who have kept them down to get the hell out just like they did in Chicago. Where are our strong conservative black community leaders? We know you’re out there why aren’t you thundering away on politicians and running for office to change things? Conservatives running for POTUS can’t be the ones to wake the communities up to turn on handlers from Sharpton to Cummings and obama. If you’re PO you need to take the lead because the moment a white conservative who really does care shows up they are dismissed.

It’s time for the black community to rise up from the abuse and corner they’ve been put in by progressives that lie and blame white republicans. It’s your own democrat (progressive) leaders you have allowed to stay in power for decades that are responsible for the poor conditions, lack of opportunity etc in your community. This nation got its independence from III% rising up, it’s time III% within black communities rise up and say NO to the democrat machine!