Muslims in Minneapolis Prefer Sharia Law, Want Freedom of Speech Restricted in US

Political satirist Ami Horowitz took to the Minneapolis streets to ask muslims if they prefer sharia law over American law. As expected the muslims interviewed like being in America, land of the free, but they would prefer sharia law as the law of the land. I think it’s safe to say these people are not in favor of freedom of speech seeing that they support punishing (up to and including death) anyone who insults islam.

When asked these people said they would prefer to live in Somalia than the US, so why are they here then? If they don’t like our laws and customs why do muslims come to America? Simple answer is because they want to spread islam and take over countries from within. Look at France, England and other European nations, they’re all being infiltrated by muslims who refuse to assimilate into the host nations culture. Italy is overrun practically under siege by illegals fleeing northern Africa. These muslims will never assimilate into Italian culture nor leave Italy when the fighting stops in their home countries. You don’t go to a country you don’t like unless you have plans to change it from inside.

Radical islam IMO is engaged in silent invasions to build a worldwide caliphate. They don’t have to start wars in every land just infiltrate, reproduce, refuse assimilation but demand host nations to accommodate and change for them. They are undoing Sykes-Picot while establishing a “flag” if you will in the nation of infidels (US). This is a bottom up inside out strategy being used on a global scale.

BTW did you take note how well received Horowitz is in this video!? Who wants to bet if these people knew Ami is Jewish they wouldn’t have been so cordial!?