Bill Nye: Climate Change Played a Factor in Texas Floods

Bill Nye is NO science guy he doesn’t hold degrees meteorology or climatology, he is a mechanical engineer. All he knows is what he has heard and learned through selective education by other flat-earthers in this hokey global warming/ climate change religion. Comparing cigarette smoking and cancer to this lie called climate change is ludicrous and not worth a rebuttal.

You know why it’s raining so much in Texas causing all the flooding? Because of this thing called the weather! For whatever reason, not man caused though, the weather is dumping all the evaporated water in the sky one spot vs places in major droughts like CA! The Earth is constantly changing and has been changing for MILLIONS of years. Mankind’s entire existence is nothing but a speck of dust on a timeline and we do not have the power to alter the planet’s weather and atmosphere in less 100 years! I said it after obama made wild claims that climate change will cause stronger storms I’ll say it again: It is insulting to for these people to suggest this planet millions of years old withstanding unimaginable volcanic activity (mind you lethal deadly gases are released into the atmosphere), meteor and asteroid impacts, deadly diseases and viruses is so frail that the little puny humans can alter the atmosphere!

Nye, obama, Gore and all the flat-earthers need to be called out on their constant lies and fear mongering. Take a deep look into all the proponents of climate change and you will see they all are positioned to make A LOT of money off this hoax the public is allowing them to pull over on them. The science is not settled because there is no such thing as climate change… wait there is, it’s called the weather!