Sharpton Attacks GOP Over Police Violence, Stoking Racial Flames Calls for “Summer Offensive” in Cleveland

“Summer offensive”?! Sharpton’s “peaceful” intention we know never turns out like that. He calls for unity and peace but in reality when ever this guy shows up violence follows! I have but one question for Al: if black lives matter why isn’t he enraged and angry like he is in Cleveland over the record violence in Baltimore since 1999?

I’ll answer my own question… when it’s black on black violence Sharpton, Jackson, obama, Lynch etc couldn’t careless!

Black America when are you going to wake up and get off the democrat party’s plantation? He attacks the GOP for the violence and abuse from police, but in all these cities with tension between police and the black community they are and have been under democrat control for DECADES! Al Sharpton is the party’s henchman to divide America and set race relations back 40 years. He sets (your) cities and towns on fire and then moves on while the carnage continues to set others a blaze. Give it time folks Cleveland will look just like Ferguson and Baltimore. It’s been one week since news came out about the massive increase of violence in Baltimore and this bastard hasn’t said one word about it!

Sharpton is a certified racist who has done nothing but help obama divide this nation. Take note Sharpton and the other race hustlers have never said: “Stop attacking police, stop fighting & resisting police, stop stealing, stop running etc!” These race hustlers couldn’t careless about the people, they are doing all of this for money, control and power. They’re attacking the police because they know how tense things are and want to federalize them (for control and power) under progressive rule to fulfill obamas 2008 promise.